King Country - a brief rugby history

Founded: 1922
Colours: Jersey: Gold & Maroon Shorts: White Socks: Maroon & Gold
Main Grounds: Owen Delany Park, Taupo & Rugby Park, Te Kuiti
President: R G (Digger) Balme
Chairman: Ron J Thomassen
CEO: Kurt P McQuilkin



King Country Rugby Results 1965 - 2022 (PDF)   Updated 17/11/23

Order of Merit 1966 - 2022 (PDF's)                       Updated 31/10/23
50 or more Games played
10 or more Tries:    scored per game
100 or more Points:    scored per game

King Country NPC Statistics 1965 - 2022 (PDF)   Updated 17/11/23

King Country Non NPC Statistics 1965 - 2022  (PDF)   Updated 17/11/23

Coaches coaching records 1965 - 2022 (PDF)   Updated 17/11/23

Clubs that form the Union are:

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Club Name   Founded   Colours
Referees   Jersey:
Bush United   Jersey: Black & Red Shorts: Socks:
Kio Kio United   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Pio Pio   Jersey: Forest Green & Gold Shorts: Socks:
Taumarunui   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Taumarunui Districts   Jersey: Shorts: Socks:
Taupo Sports   Jersey: Black & White Shorts: Socks:
Taupo United   Jersey: Red & Black Shorts: Socks:
Tongariro   Jersey: Red, Black & White Shorts: Socks:
Waitete   Jersey: Royal Blue & White Shorts: Socks:
Waitomo   Jersey: Emerald Green & Black Shorts: Socks: