I have created an Honours Board of NZ Referees who have refereed a 1st class game since 1968, whether it be provincial, Super rugby or International.

The PDF (below) lists everyone [in alphabetical order] who has retired (at 1st class level) or is deceased. These names are slowly being converted to an abc list similar to the current referees below.

Click here for PDF of Retired or Deceased Referees

The current, active first-class referees are listed on the site.

Click here to browse current Referees.

Under each name the referee's province is shown and the games refereed in each season.
It does not show 'B' games, 7's or non full international games or tournaments.

I like to show the full correct name of each person. In some cases I have been unable to ascertain the full first name or am unsure of the correct surname spelling.

If, in going through the lists you see someone you know and can therefore advise their correct first name or surname it would be appreciated if you would contact me.

Please also tell others who are or have been referees to have a look at the lists to see if their details are correct.